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Service only available in the UK.


Dog training in the New Forest area


Why pick me as your dog trainer?

First of all I am a dog lover and owner for over 30 years. I breed Australian Shepherdstrain01
and successfully show and compete in Obedience and Working Trials.

My main aim and motivation is to make life living with a dog pleasurable for both the people
and the dog. Too many owners buy a dog and are surprised at how much 'hard work' it is.
The dog becomes frustrated and grows increasingly stressed through lack of exercise and

stimulation. In the worst cases the dog can get out of control and need to be re-homed.

I would like to avoid this situation and make every effort to ensure the dog training classes
are fun and sustainable for all parties. Using simple reward techniques the training can easily
be translated to the home environment.

I tackle all aspects of dog training which can be taught in either group classes or on an
individual basis at your home.

Work is currently under way to establish brand new group classes, more news to follow
shortly ...

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